Alex Flores, Senior Illustrator Q&A

Hey All! Want to chat about splash art in LOL? How its made, what our thought process is when making a splash or just anything questions about your favorite splash illustrations? A little bit about myself, I've been at Riot for almost 3 years now. Some of the splashes I have worked on are Dragon Slayer Pantheon, New Malphite Base splash, Night hunter Rengar, new Orianna base and more recently Master Arcanist Ziggs and Risen Fiddlesticks. Hit me up with any quesitons you have! I will be here for about an hour to answer! :) Cheers! If you are curious to see some of my art pls check out my deviant :) ***Hey guys, thanks for all the questions! I have to take off right now but, feel free to drop any other questions you may have, I will come back to the discussion later tonight.
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