yet another patented yellow rant, this time supports that take credit where credit isnt due.

If you are playing leona and the enemy adc isnt stunned for atleast 50% of the fight, gtfo of my lane and stop saying you are the reason i am fed, you havnt done shit. if you are alistair and you dont engage every fight with a headbutt knockup combo and stay engaged in the fight with ulti soaking up the damage, dont even mention yourself when it comes to why lane won, because you havnt done shit. If you are a support in general, and you stand behind your adc while he cs's instead of harassing and zoning? tfo you havnt done shit. And lastly, if you are support and there isnt atleast 1 ward in bot lane at all times, then gtfo you aint shit, hell there should be 3, but im being nice and only saying 1. If any of this sounds like you? Then dont fret, you may be mediocre at support, but chances are you dont take credit for your adcs kills, unless you do, in which case gtfo.
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