The double standards set by riot are a joke.

just so you're all aware, i'm not saying i'm in the right here, but neither are these 3 morons. I just played a game where i went cho top, jg got countered, mid lost, and bot lost, i did fine top, i beat my laner, didnt give a crap about anything south of top, where it went bad is bot decided to start saying i should've teleported down to help them. maybe i could've, i chose not to, i didn't force bot to feed like fools, after that little comment jg had a dig saying "yeah you should help more" to which i responded "yeah you should feed less" and then it became them 3 vs me because i had the audacity to speak up. so i turned around, and i was not polite, nor should i have to be when faced with 3 ignorant fuckwits trying to pin their stupidity on me, and i told them exaclty how stupid they are, this then escalated in to a full on rage match, as it does, that's not my issue though.. oh no. after the game all 3 of them reported me, pack mentality and such, and now im faced with a ban for not taking shit from 3 asshole. good job riot, your new system REALLY WORKS WONDERS!
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