Skin injustices (not the price)

Skins have been a staple in League. They can make your champion look completely different and awesome. But the lack of skins on some champions is just absurd. Its pretty unfair, tbh. For example; {{champion:91}} Talon, released in 2011, has 3 skins (1 legacy) {{champion:103}} Ahri, released late 2011, has 6 skins (1 legacy) One can justify this as Ahri is **FAR** more popular than Talon (being a Talon main doesn't mean I'm biased) Another example: {{champion:245}} Ekko, released in 2015, has 3 skins {{champion:429}} Kalista, released in 2014, has 3 skins (2 legacy) This is honestly a bad situation for Kalista mains who have to wait for LCS every year to grab a different Kalista. It has only been 1 year and a couple of months since Ekko's release And ffs, Zac {{champion:154}} only has 2 skins and has been out for 4 years So how does Rito decide which champ deserves skins?

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