Why people suck at league of legend.

Honestly, this is for people who wanna get better not for people wanna have fun. I am a dude played pretty much all my games in high gold this season. I eventually got myself out and but I noticed why some people never get out of silver and gold even though they literally yearning for it. The very reason is that people rather play champions rather than learning a game. What I mean is that people never get to learn macro , but focus way too much on micro play. I really wish people play more of ezy champs with decent growth curves rather than playing micro intensive champs like vayne and yasuo. I am NOT saying you are bad at these champs. But it is hard to balance out both macro and micro aspects of the game for low elo players. I do believe macro always come first. Please learn ro cs above 8/min and learn to interact with team to get snowball rolling whenever its possible e.g. baron, tower, inhib. When you master basics thats when your climbing starts. Not saying you cant climb up being a master of champ. But it is harder way and what is point of locking yourself in plat div max when your understading and mechanics of a certain champ are above diam players. Please do not put yourself and teammates in burden by playing something when you are not confident to balance both or before learning basics of how to actually play a certain lane. Comments are welcome.
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