Climb elo

to climb. step 1. fill but pref one lane. eg. "mid pref, but i will fill" (try to main only one role and have a side roll of support) step 2. DO NOT TALK TO YOUR TEAM AT ALL. Only thing u do is ping. eg. "" step 3. when ur not the best player of that game in ur team (not carrying) listen to your team no matter what. eg. "go back shaco" - so you go back even if u know u can do more (its their fault) step 3.5 if ur the best player of that game in your team (carrying) dont type just ping. eg. on-the-way pings to baron or 4 pings on someone our of position. step 4. cya in diamond BIG TIP (see hows its in caps): if u main a champion in gold or higher, change your name to do with that champion, ur more likely to get that role and champion.
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