So are we nerfing Kha'Zix

Or are we gonna continue ignoring him while he walks from top to bot in Solo queue wiping the floor with everybody who is near a wall and anyone who decides to leave the safety of their minions? The AD Jungle item is suh-weet for him and the new Jungle is just perfectly in Sync with when he power spikes/needs to farm and the way the game plays out at the moment has made him a little imbalanced in my opinion - mainly in the area of sustain in the Jungle - probably clear speed too though? I mean its a bit easy for him and his sustain is pretty huge for such a bursty and slippery Assassin. Plus on top of this he can get away with farming in almost complete safety, hurt counter-junglers badly (Even the Tanky ones like Shyvana who versing an Assassin like this shouldn't be so dearly wounded and even tank Junglers feel the pain (Malphite/Sejuani) although they fare better, his Kit just makes him a monster compared to these picks who should in reality be strong against him and dealing with him as another Assassin or even someone like Xin Zhao can be a far stretch. He shouldnt be able to farm all game and come out strong, he should have to make plays and he shouldnt be snowballing off these plays quite as hard as he is.
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