The Move to Merge GD into Miscellaneous

Good morning, everyone! The Miscellaneous and GD sub-boards were created with similar purposes in mind- to discuss all things not related, or even related to League of Legends. They were catch-all boards; however, GD was created specifically to carry over a posting style from the original forums. However, as we work to clean up the Boards, this means consolidating sub-boards for the sake of clarity and to reduce redundancy. As you may have noticed, the GD sub-board browsing experience is a bit bugged, to say the least. The options we'd like to put forward are as such: * Archive GD, and keep Miscellaneous as is, with both Chronological View and Discussion View * Archive GD, and archive Miscellaneous, creating a new General Discussion board that will encompass both (Chronological View only) * Archive GD, and rename Miscellaneous to General Discussion or GD, while either removing Discussion View, or keeping both viewing formats If you're in favour of any of these options, or you have an idea of your own, please share your thoughts below! Thank you! :3
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