*Sad post from season* Any chance

I'm sad :( http://www.lolking.net/summoner/oce/1021684 I was 1 game away from gold 5 promos and then just vsed diamond smurfs 24/7, dropped from silver 1 to silver 2 0 lp.. If I was vsing MY elo on the other hand.. Anyway yes I'm sad. Tonight I jump on at 10pm and realise I gotta smash 3 wins before 12.. Just missed out. Won one in 20min, next one got smashed.. Then ranked closes at 11:35? Any thoughts that I'd be able to get the skin being just a game or 2 away from gold? I was almost there but smurfs.. In my belief I deserve it and hadn't had much time this year to ranked. But if they give it to me alot of people would want it too which I understand.. Just sad. Just missed out. Rip dreams, any chance you could have mercy on my soul?
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