when you've faced multiple leave busters 1 right after the other

It's not even funny anymore, each one of these afk's or dc's has got nothing to do with me, but rather external factors beyond my control. I've posted one of my rants before giving just a taste of what happens to me during my free time when im playing (i.e. played at a games cafe and some dude kicks the power cable by accident) . After ending a previous leavebuster probably like a day or so, (I got that one for an emergency situation irl.. kitchen on fire coz sis was trynna cook the cake with her 'new cooking technique') I get slapped with another one because i dc during loading screen. As any reasonable person would do, restart the client and try again, nope, stuck on 4% till I get a pop up game has ended. massive LEAVE BUSTER announcement yet again. ggwp, thank you life, for always ruining my games. Thank you soo much, appreciate it. legit, worst luck.

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