The meta right now for junglers

Absolutely f****** sucks a**. I've seen some pretty c***y shit playing this game championwise - which at least is bannable in ranked, but when the problem is to do with a stupid game mechanic that is being rewarded for doing nothing in the jungle, it's beyond frustrating. There is literally no fun in either; a) picking a non-devourer jungler and performing extremely well early game to get absolutely shat on later in teamfights by a 300 cs yi/shyvana/udyr/xin zhao, or picking any other role and getting ahead and doing well for yourself only to be absolutely shat on later in teamfights by a 300 cs yi/shyvana/udyr/xin zhao. I have zero fkn idea as to why you are rewarded for doing absolutely fk all to help your team for the first twenty+ minutes of the game and being a selfish c*** only to get yourself ahead. And then to shit on the enemy team 1v2+ because you've been jerking off in your own jungle for half the game is disgusting. If you can't close the game out by 25-30 minutes it's game over. It's cooked. This isn't happening just in normals, it's ranked too. Not just bronze, either. How is this retarded mechanic even being rewarded? Getting beast by doing nothing? Being able to build primarily tank with a SD and GR and right click to win? Wriggles part 2? Hello? And for gods sakes put guinsoos back where it was, a niche pick which wasn't game breaking inb4 you're just shit or you're just mad you don't play those champions. Seriously though I don't even want to play rn because it's happening _**EVERY SINGLE GAME**_.
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