Riot will not disclose their BOT detection methods; I understand this. What I do not understand is why the detection methods miss obvious BOTS. The complaint is limited to ARAM, as I do not play SR (To toxic). So I am writing this guide in the hope that someone in Riot reads these threads, and can formulate a plan to combat the BOTS. BOT DETECTION TIPS (ARAM SPECIFIC) 1) The classic "Oracles Extract" buy at start of game. 2) The use of exhaust and snowball as a 'consistent' rune choice 3) Horrible game stats, high death rates, low kill rates. 4) AI pathing using timers such as Relic respawn. IF the relic is taken by another person immediately, bots do not realize and will circle the relic point trying to get a heal that will never come. 5) Grouped BOTS will often disconnect at the same time due to low resources used on the BOT machines. 6) Name creation that is trying 'too hard' to look legit. The days of Dfhkxljeijwse being a bot name are over. JosephQlwdr are the more recent constructions. So the botters got smarter and now mash a real word/name with some garbage. In the first image, there were at least 4 out of 5 bots on the Blue Team. This is the quality of the RIOT MATCHMAKING; put a whole team of real players up against a team of bots. Snowball+Exhaust+Stupid Stupid Name. Second image, 2 on each team, and of course, equipped with Snowball + Exhaust. Why does it matter? Because ARAM is a perma map, and should get the same protections that SR is given; be that in detection or just complaint/report handling. The bots do tend to come into the Draw Pool around at 8pm AEDST, so any of your 'valued' players, get a consistently horrible experience for the remainder of the night - The whole player base at that time of night has their experience trashed. What do you do when your draw 4 bots on your team vs a 5 man real team? FEELSBADMAN Every time a bot is put into a match, it ruins the experience for the players. When you put 4-5 of them into a team, it only shows that RIOTS detection of BOTS is not very deep in its' intuition; or challenging at any time, the progress of these bot accounts. I don't actually expect a reply from RIOT, because 3 paragraphs of the response will be saying crap like 1) We appreciate your feedback and thanks (L) 2) We can not discuss our detection efforts (O) 3) Please use the report tool in-game-it works (L) I just hope they look at two pictures, realize how the BOTS stand out, and DO SOMETHING about it.
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