Is The Remake System Fair On The Players Who Weren't " AFK "

SO Since this Remake system that riot hyped up so much ive actually been moving away from playing at all the voting is broken 2 people out of the 4 who arent afk and it remakes i think it should be like surrender vote 3-1 votes in yes not 2-2 and the system is kind of a waste of time for those players in ranked who queued up and waited 10 minutes then got a lobby and had a dodger then finally gets into a game after a total of 20 minutes in total just to remake cos of 1 afk i think all players who werent afk should get 100 ip and if its ranked a free win with a set lp gain of 10 because over wise the game waiting period is totally useless Please Riot or Rito Please look into making these changes

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