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**Topic: _Should a champion that is able to get kills so easily ALSO be able to farm so well?_** Being both an assassin/bruiser and a champ that clears a whole wave with a single E/Q (and sacrifices no cooldowns or mana to do so), gives him a huge gold advantage compared with other champs that are either good at getting kills like Fizz, or good at farming like Karthus. If a Fizz or Karthus is behind, its fairly simple to keep them behind, Fizz wont do enough damage to get kills and so misses out on gold, while Karthus needs to farm and so will be absent from team fights. But when a Yasuo is behind, it takes next to nothing for him to get back in the game as a formidable force once again. This is not a Yasuo hate post, its a genuine discussion about should a tanky assassin be able to clear waves so easily, any half-decent Yasuo ends the game with 300+ farm (usually 100 or so more than most everyone else) and it doesn't really affect the number of time they spend getting kills. Most other champions have to actively put time aside to farm to get a similar amount, which of course means less time fighting. Is it fair/balanced/healthy that some champs (Yasuo in particular) can farm so incredibly easily, and still be a champ that can gets kills so frequently (and escape, so isn't wasting gold by being dead). Most assassins have to get kills to keep up in gold, while other champs such as Mages and ADC's can afford to be better farmers because they don't have the kits to get kills as frequently or as constantly. Yasuo has both, and it always gives him the gold advantage.
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