Been getting my deranked CSGO account back into Global Elite lately since I've had some time to game and LoL sucks balls now and it's remarkable how much better the community is. Even the 12 year olds (and you know they're 12 because you can hear them over voice chat) rage less than the average LoL player. There are no reports for "toxicity", nobody cares if someone called you a degenerate scumfuck bastard (because you probably are). Racism and sexism are rampant but nobody ragequits, nobody makes death threats or wishes cancer upon their teammates and, on the whole, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves a lot more. Rito would have you believe that the community is inherently "toxic" (stupid fucking term) and you need to suck the dick right out of your teammates' pelvises to get anywhere but it's all bullshit. The only conclusions that are open are that LoL players are inherently more unstable than CSGO players (perhaps) or that Riot is actually making things worse, either with their stupid player behaviour initiatives or poor game design. In conclusion, the CSGO competitive community puts you to shame with no player behaviour controls whatsoever. How does that make you feel?
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