In normals its fine, but not in ranked.

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I can understand when a plat player gets put with/against me in normals, ranked MMR and normal MMR are different, thats fine and i value the learning experience playing against them. But in ranked, I want an even playing field. I dont think its fair to put a team who's highest 2 players were Silver 5 last season, up against a team that has a player who was platinum 3 seasons ago, AND someone who achieved gold, two whole seasons ago as well, (while all of us are still struggling to get out of bronze even now). It was a good even game _(far more even than you would expect from a bunch of bronzies going up against two veterans.)_, hats off to everyone, everyone played well in both teams, no one was salty, we lost the game in champion select for the same reason we always lose (lack of tanks). But we gave them a hell of a good run for their money! When its so even like that i don't mind losing, it means that no one won because of stupid reasons like AFK's or broken champs, and it was just a straight up good game. But this loss tastes sour because if we had played that well against people our own level (Bronze and Silver) we would have won! But because we were against people who obviously had the skill to play at a much higher level, our good playing was wasted. I just cant help feeling kind of robbed. Im pretty sure that the plat player wasn't boosted either _(because I think they were actually a Rioter.)_ and people don't play worse as time goes by, (at least not to the extent that a Plat would drop into bronze.) So i wonder how it is that the system placed us together? My friend was ADC that game (and is Bronze 3), and he told me that the Caitlin played far far better than the normal players he was used to vsing, and the matchup wasn't unfavourable either. (my friend is a very good ADC) The plat and gold were also duo. I know that nothing will come of this post, but it still feels unjust. i dont know.. pointless post really.
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