Can you please keep us in the loop Riot?

As a company, you are really good at letting us know your ideas when they are fresh, and it's awesome to see some of the creative thinking that goes on behind the scenes. But you aren't very good at **keeping** us in the loop, especially when plans change. Ao Shin, Magma Chamber, etc. all we hear is: _"Look here, there is going to be this amazing new thing! look forward to it!"_ Then a few years later we get the: _"Oh that? yea we scrapped that yonks ago!"_ Meanwhile the community is kept in the dark, holding out for this promised thing, not sure when or even if it is coming. before season 7 started, you said that early in the season we would hear more about an alleged Aurelion Sol rework. The season has ended now and all the Aurelion Sol players are still sitting here months and months later thinking _"Is... is, our favourite champ going to be changed or not?"_ Earlier you promised a Yasuo rework, around the same time you announced Azir's, Azir's rework has come and gone now, and not a peep have we heard on Yasuo's one. Meanwhile Yas players still can't play draft pick, and non-yasuo players still can't play blind pick. What seems to be the vast majority of us are unhappy with the current state of the game and many of the meta and pre-season changes. But _(to my knowledge at least)_ we haven't heard anything addressing or even acknowledging our concerns. Except for pinning some token blue essence onto the first win of the day. ______________ So in future, could you please spend a little bit of time just to keep us up-to-date on a few of the things you casually mention in Ask Riot and media statements? _"Yes we said we would look at nerfing Duskblade. but now we don't think it's necessary."_ _"A while ago, we mentioned an Aatrox rework, don't worry that is still on the way."_ _"We know the current meta is in flux and is unpleasant for some, but we want to let it settle first, before actively inciting change."_ _"Update: We decided to scrap Aurelion Sol's rework. we cant force-fit every champ to every meta."_ Maybe just like a little pinned boards blog or something, that maybe updates monthly? Is it really that hard to once a month just say _"Yep, there is still someone working on Aatrox."_ Little things like that could save players so much grief and uncertainty.
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