I need an answer, and one that explains it to the T. If I go over all my matches and place them together; I see that I have gotten the same.. 10-15 champions over, and over even after using rerolls like they have gone out of fashion. Why is there still a "Favored" random picks with a higher chance to be seen? There are over 120+ Champions and not seeing every single one of those is disgusting, it's not "AR URF" At all if there's only 30 champions at best seen on the rift, there's no fun in it if we can't get those champions; the ones that are never seen. I'd love to see OLD Urf where you could pick anything troll, **** I would love to go back to the Ban Pick Phase of URF, something where I can see other champion pools. For an EVENT that comes out barely enough as it is, this should be more "fun" and have more champion pools. And the proof behind this is; many, many urf games between accounts of different champions just to make sure it wasn't me being unlucky. SO why is this happening exactly?
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