In-game emotes as boards stickers.

I'm sure this must have come up before, but I haven't seen it, so I gunna pop this out there just incase. Can we get emotes that we have purchased on our account as boards stickers? (obviously without movement or sound) As nice as most of the boards stickers are, the range of emotions they portray is quite limited. Where as in-game emotes are much more... well... emotive. And of all the boards stickers, theres only a few that are consistently useful. And the middle series doesn't even make sense. Like the hell are we supposed to use this one for? {{sticker:garen-swing}} What does that even mean? Or this one: {{sticker:vayne-pose}} Maybe it's just me, but I honestly don't know what emotion this is trying to convey. Her arms are crossed like she's trying to be either cool or mad. But then her fingers are raised as if she's trying to be dainty, or maybe she's tapping them in annoyance. But then her eyebrow is raised and she had a goofy smily (like when does Vayne ever smile?) so i'm really confused as to what this one even means, let alone how to use it. Where as stuff like this: Idk, it just seems more relevant to the conversations that happen here? What do you think?

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