About the new client

I've had the Alpha for a while but rarely played on it due to a VERY significant problem. Now I'm forced to play on it as when I tried opening the old client it redirected me to new one and opened that. The problem is lag and it hasn't fixed in the slightest ever since I tried playing on in 1-2 weeks ago Everything is laggy but ESPECIALLY champ select and trying to accept a game from queue. I couldn't even change my masteries in champ select because it was too laggy and I had a couple of minutes to do it. Now, I usually didn't care about this as I reported it to riot and just used old client, but I'm forced to use this. The lag this client is giving me makes this game almost unplayable. On the old client it was super fast and no problems, but as soon as I try to use the new one it goes down the shitter. The only real option I have is to try to stop playing this game at this point due to me not being able to accept most queues and not even being able to change masteries. In game it's fine just out of it is a mess. I'm not one for complaining especially on boards but a lot of my friends are getting this too and the fact I'm now forced to play with this turns me off playing in general.
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