Need to lose some pounds? League of Workout!

So many of us summoners (including myself) probably do not get nearly enough exercise considering our busy schedules and desire to play LoL in our spare time. I have thought up a plan for myself which I have done for about a week now that has had some pretty noticeable results. The workout is not grueling nor hard. But every little bit of exercise is definitely worth it. First of all the only thing I have been doing is push ups and sit-ups. If you have a lot to burn I would suggest some type of cardio workout (Squats, etc). Here is how I suggest you create your own workout: Before every game do a warm-up. No matter how much you hate the thought of exercise, if you can't do the warm-up, you don't hit the play at the top of your screen. My warm-up is 10 Sit-Ups, 5 Push-Ups Even though 10 and 5 does not seem like a high number for a workout. I played 5 games today. You multiply that by 5 and you can guarantee you will see some more muscle definition. I know I have. Finally, when you finish a game your not done yet! Depending on a win/loss I do either more/less of a workout. Another set of 10 Sit-Ups and 5 Push-Ups for a win, and I double it for a loss. All this seems really silly but when you have little to none motivation like myself to workout. This is the next best thing. Along with incorporating LoL (one of my favorite hobbies) its a win-win. Us summoners need to be healthy to compete in this first season, so lets finish it strong (No Pun Intended hehe) If you have any success creating your own plan please share with us all. Here's my go at being a pitchman, "I promise you'll see some Mundo like abs in no time!"
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