What I hate about adc players

I believe adc players are the easiest role in league, yet they get to feel so proud of little things they do for the team. First of all, I think they are not intellectually sound enough. Most of them have no idea of where to ward and many times they keep their trinket when supp's trinket is on cd and when the warding is essential or otherwise a supporter has to give up his own life. Second reason is they are cocky and overestimate their mechanics. I understand playing adc is more about rather instinct than intelligence. But why it has to be vayne, or even champion like jhin. You guys are litetally in same mmr group and U R NOT any better. Please stick to simple champs lile tris and ez , none of them required you to be exceptionally good and more generous about your mistakes as you get to position yourself more easily in team fights. Last reason is they are immatured and just way too much self-oriented. How many times I experienced those adcs just went insta afked becuz a teammate made a single rant about his poor performance in the game (ya, you suck indeed), for jungler not handing red buffs over them and many. Please remember, only reason you end up doing so much dmg is from tears and sweat from your support, time and effort your mid and jg put into and farms and lead top laners sacrifice for you. You are nothing but what we create to win a game. Dont forget ro thnx your teammates if you pick up penta cuz clearly all you did was last hitting. KIDS
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