The new report system is an absolute laugh, gj guys :)!

TL;DR You're letting a bunch of angsty teenagers self-moderate, what could possibly go wrong? just witnessed a trio flaming our jungle, and after fifteen mins of abuse, i mean literal abuse, he told them to fuck off, which in the real world is completely acceptable when dealing with people of their calibre, our jg was obviously not the most mature guy himself, he seemed to be in his early teens by the way he responded, he rose to the bait after a while and started flaming back, around the 35 minute mark they then decided they'd try to get him reported by the enemy team, which actually worked because when they said "pls report" he took to all chat and started losing his cool there too, after baiting him in to a frenzy that hardly seems fair to me, and while im fully aware that neither side was right here, you have to wonder. WHAT WAS RIOT THINKING? i crie erry tiem
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