Bring Back Black Market Brawlers

After a recent discussion with a friend about Bilgewater and all things related we remembered Black Market Brawlers, and after a bit of looking, I found the old official boards post. After looking through the post, it reminded me how in-depth it was and how much work was put in for them to just decide to remove it and never bring it back. Looking at all the items and minions, they are all very cool unique ideas that I would love to play with. Personally I would love for this mode to come back, and riot wouldn't need to do that much updating, as the icons are on par with the modern icons. The only thing I think they could/would need to update would be to make summoner's rift look more pirate-y, similar to Butcher's Bridge (which I would also like them to bring back in a Bligewater event, but that is for another post :P ) I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on the matter :) Yarhar Fiddle DeeDee!!{{champion:41}}
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