Fuck Bronze

I stopped rank for a few days, took a day or so break altogether, played some ARAM when I came back and got a few wins to get back into it. My first rank game back I end up 5/0 under 15 minutes in top lane with a double kill, no help. Bot lane in the same time went 0/11. I roamed to bot for the first time to at least try something and top lane loses 2 towers. I get another double kill and go 7/0 taking our one and only tower, while bot lane end up going a combined 0/12 before our AD goes and AFK's. I mean WTF? I have a near perfect game, two solo double kills, no deaths, defended my lane against 2-3 at times and the minute I leave my lane I lose 2 towers and the enemy team just run over us. So what should I do, do I roam to bot lane earlier to try and help them, or do I stay top to try get some CS and kills? I did go help, but then lose 2 top towers in the meantime. Fuck bronze, 3 of us have a good game, our AD plays like a stinking pile of shit and pulls our support into it and than goes AFK, now we all get a loss that 4 of us did not deserve thanks to one person.
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