Item Disparity (TFT)

So when playing TFT there is something that can always impact your game, and push you from what might be a possible top 4 placing, to easily placing bottom 4 and that is simply put the item disparity between players. Sometimes by Krugs players will have upwards of 3 complete items, whereas someone else might have 1 complete item, and maybe a random part as well. This is really bad and should likely be changed, because the issue is more then just the fact that they have items and i don't. 1) You are basically forced to Econ, and odd's are you are going to take lots of damage off this, which forces any potential pivot your going to make to have to be a fast one. 2) You don't get to tailor your items to your comp like the players who get early items, fact is you get 2 bows, a sword off the first 3 rounds, hey good on you, you have draven items, you know what is most likely your game plan, and worst case scenario, your pivoting to a ranger comp with 2 shivs. The guy that has just a chain vest by 2nd carousel i mean, you have to hope there is a spatula on that carousel, or else your item choice either means nothing, or forces you to combine into an item that isn't optimal for where you might end up with your items later (maybe you get a thornmail, but later rounds you start pulling kinda draven items but not really and get put in an awkward spot) 3) The amount of Damage that you are going to take before you catch up on items isn't minor, your waiting for at least wolves, very possibly raptors, and you can easily be dead by 4-6 by no real fault of your own, your running a comp with minor amounts of items, and being forced to make suboptimal items early on to basically try to survive to the point where maybe you get 3-4 items and finally catch up.... which is the issue. 4) Your only going to catch up, your not going to get a benefit to getting less items, i've had the chance where i play out games long enough to see what i get (usually dying shortly after) sure you can econ, get early levels, try and push any advantage you get in champions, but ultimately that's you playing catch up, and once you've caught up, your just low on health, with 50 gold, and a bunch of random items, that might fit your comp that your kinda in by now, but odds are they won't. Overall a lot of this just shows the blatant issue of the item disparity, your trying to give players gold as a sub in for items early game, and in nearly any other of the Auto chess genre, that might actually work, but with how important the items are in TFT, from an early GA giving the enemy an extra champion, to something like Morello and shiv being items that can be really bad against your whole team... you have gold, which ultimately means a lot less then these items. I'm actually not fully against some item disparity, but the issue is, that it's too much when it can be 1-2 items up against 4-6 items (yes i have seen 5 items before krugs, no it wasn't fun to play against) you need to standardize this so that it's closer to a fight between 3-5 item points, in the earlier game, or even push it down harder and make everyone get more items late (which would be considerably more interesting as pivoting late is a lot harder and more skill based.) And no i don't really expect much of a change from this, i just think it's better that it's out there and maybe gets seen by people, who knows.

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