High-Risk/High-reward gold income. (its been a while Yasuo)

#Gold income streams It's been a while since i've had a solid dig at Yasuo. But I'm actually changing my stance on the matter a little here. So don't change channel just yet. This is unprovoked, _(I haven't vsed a Yasuo in a while)_ Ive been thinking for a while now that maybe the problem many people have with Yasuo isn't actually his crit chance or windwall or free shield at all. Maybe he does deserve that strength. But he just has access to it too safely. League is all about compromise and trade offs. Mages deal huge chunks of damage, but are restricted to being ability only champs, and deal with lengthy cool downs and high mana costs. ADC's have crazy damage output, but have to be babysitted most of the game to get there. Tanks are great at absorbing burst damage, but less effective against sustained output. Supports have all kinds of crazy tools, but lack the damage to follow up on them without assistance. So too is gold income affected by the compromises and trade offs of your classes and champions. ADCs for example, lack early game damage, so expecting them to get their gold income from early kills is a little unreasonable. Instead, they are given unparalleled last-hitting capability. So as most people know, ADCs get the majority of their money from farming not from kills. Champs like Corki and Kai'sa don't just leap into the fray at lvl 3 and come out with free kills, they sit and play the farming game for 20+ minutes instead. Inversely, Assassins' kits are heavily kill focused, they can score early kill gold pretty much whenever it suits. But as a payoff, they shouldn't have the farming potential other champs do. And surely enough assassins like Kassadin and LB have big trouble farming, especially early, yet they can eliminate anyone who strays too close, picking up that nice kill gold. Mages and Fighters are in-between the two, neither mages or fighters have the last hitting potential of ADCs, nor the all-in kill security of assassins. However they are not too bad at either. It's not impossible for mages to pick up early kills by themselves, but it's also not too hard for them to clear a wave of minions if needed. They aren't however, specialists at either. _______________________________ #Maybe Yasuo himself isn't the problem. Unfortunately, some champs didn't get the memo. One in particular is our favourite wind-swordsman. Yasuo claims kills with no less difficulty than other assassins. Yet his farming capability is unmatched. The problem with champions having easy access to multiple revenue streams, is that it becomes so much harder for the opposition to keep them down. Yasuo is a champion who should be all about skill, his kit is literally built around outplaying people. So if you're a skilled Yasuo, you should be rewarded with relatively easy kill gold. However, ATM if the opponent outplays you, you just go off and afk farm for a while and come back a monster. Which is hardly fair, if you're playing a champ who revolves around outplaying people, if you get outplayed yourself, you should be penalised for that. I honestly think that is one of the major balance issues with Yasuo. For so long the argument has been "Yasuo is broken he's too strong he does his job too well", vs "No he's not, if you nerf him he won't be able to do his job at all." Maybe Yasuo's strength isn't actually the problem, maybe he doesn't need combat nerfs, maybe it's that he can too easily switch how he earns his gold when behind. Assassins are high-risk/high-reward. If he fails to do his job (killing people), he should be punished, but he isn't because he farms so well. _(to put it in perspective, Yasuo has a higher CS per game average than Nasus.)_ In fact Yasuo has the 4th _(3rd technically)_ highest CS per game score of all champions _(the next closest assassin is Zed in 72nd place.)_ So let that sink in for a bit. _____________________________ #High-risk/High-reward... well... _risks_.. Kassadin and LB are perfect examples of the high-risk/high-reward playstyle in action _(in my opinion)_. Both of them can jump on you without much warning and remove a good chunk of your health _(sometimes the whole thing if they play their cards right)_. Their tricky kits allow players to consistently outplay their opponents, and it's relatively easy for them to get ahead and dominate, however, if they fail to do their job, and get outplayed themselves. Coming back from behind as them is painful to the point of screaming! Which is fair enough. Picking an assassin is a risk, the advantage of having a fed assassin is insane. So also should be the disadvantage of having an underfed assassin. Why Yasuo can have the same outplay potential and similar damage output as LB/Kass, but also have godly sustained farming potential is beyond me. I think you'd kill most of the negative attitudes around Yasuo if you just made it so that he has to do his job in order to do well. If you HAD to get kills as Yasuo in order to be the monster we all know. That'd be okay. The good Yasuo players would be rewarded and hailed as the gods they are, and the crappy ones would be deadweights on the team; the unfortunate side effect of picking any high-risk/high-reward champion and failing. We have all had that brain fart of a person play Yasuo and be 0/9 at 20 minutes, then come back and get a quadra kill in a team fight, just because he went out and farmed for a bit. Hardly fair to the Viktor who spent 20 minutes keeping the Yasuo down at all costs. ADCs like Ezreal and Kalista etc cant switch up their gold income. Kalista cant just think "Ehhh I don't like farming, imma just jump on their Annie and get a kill." Likewise an assassin like LeBlanc cant just be like "Kills are hard, imma just go clear the jungle." Within reason, they are restricted to the inhibitions of their class. Yasuo shouldn't have the choice, he should have to stick to the restrictions of his class too. Yasuo is high-risk/high-reward, if you want the reward, you should have to jump though the right hoops, otherwise you deal with the risk half of the equation. Sivir is the only ADC in the game to currently have a higher CS per game than Yasuo. No assassin should consistently have more farm than almost every single ADC in the game.
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