I Have never been so personally insulted

Let me start by stating that I absolutely love playing Singed. He is probably my favorite champion, and although I am high bronze (I dont play him in ranked since I've learned more meta champs) I truly believe that Singed can be played anywhere, anyway. Recently my friend told me about an article he read, which basically outlined that Riot threatened to Permanently Ban the highest mastery Singed in the player base (over 2 million, just to mention) because he: "Failed to communicate with his team" and "Failed to work with his team". Let me start by saying, YES he does (or did) play using smite and counter jungling, leaving the ADC to fend for themselves for a few minutes (OH THE HORROR), but its not like he didn't tell his team about it. In almost every game he played in, he alerted his team about what he was doing. He HONESTLY wanted to win, and had over a 50% win rate, and has now dropped heavily in elo, going from somewhere around plat, to now silver, close to bronze. I am TRULY appalled with Riot, and after giving such a positive review on their treatment of players, I feel used, and honestly betrayed. And failing to work with teammates? He made sure to (while countering the enemy jungler, no less) gank for his team, helping his team to win more than just bottom lane. I don't know, maybe im just ranting because I use empathy too much, but if you enjoyed playing a champion to the point where you have played him more than anyone else in the world, and the developers shut you down and basically tell you no more playing him how you enjoy, would't you be mad too?
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