I refuse to buy Invictus Rakan.

It's a great skin _(arguably the best Invictus one)_, and support is my second favourite position after mid. But you broke a promise Riot. Of course you are within your right to do so, but I don't have to support it. If you're not willing to live up to your promises, don't make them in the first place. The game is constantly under threat of change, _(no one knows when or how their favourite champ/skin will be hit with the rework stick)_, and so when you do make promises, it's a little piece of certainty people can cling to. Taking that away, is a betrayal of trust. So I respectfully decline to purchase the skin, due to the lack of a Xayah one. Personally I have no attachment to Xayah in particular _(i'm more a Rakan guy anyway)_. But there are many who are attached to Xayah, and they are the ones whose trust you have betrayed. This will be the first time I haven't bought the full bundle with all the team skins and all the borders/extras. So now the collection is _(and forever will be)_ broken. Which means I have no reason to buy the full bundle for future team skins either. It's a shame, but thats how it is. You must have had your reasons for making Xayah and Rakan forever unable to be perfectly matching. I don't know what they were, but clearly they were more important than the players. And thats fine, I can't judge your decision based on factors I don't know. But what I can see, I don't like, and won't support. My money alone means nothing, and i'm aware of that. And I'm not abstaining from supporting the game in general, I will still continue to buy other skins. I do love the game after all. This isn't a threat or anything else. Just an expression of my disappointment. This game used to be community focused, and it has long strayed from that path. _Sesshy_
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