Show latency (ping) on the league of legend's home page

Hey this is my first time doing one of these, but i thought of a great small idea that i'm sure that the league community would like, it would be the addition to show latency (ping) on the league of legend's home page, i thought if this idea because the only way to test your ping to see if it's good enough to play, is well playing a game, and what if your ping was too high to play, then hence of course you would get frustrated and not preform as well, not only that but also your teammates would be upset knowing you are lagging and could lead to bad events in game. if you understand what i'm saying i hope so. So why not fix this by easily to show your latency (ping) on the home page! my suggestion would be maybe next to the two cogs but i'm not really sure, but it would be lovely to be added in, so that you don't need to play a game to check is your ping is fine, maybe add it in season 6? i don't know, i hope you understand what i'm trying to say, and also thank you for your time to read this :) ! - Red Suns
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