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It's actually getting fucking ridiculous. I've literally been sitting at my comp for 30 mins to load into a game, only to get a message in loading screen saying "you have disconnected. Please return to client and try again" or something along those lines. I restarted my computer, closed client, did a full repair of the client, and yet i disconnect in the loading screen. This was supposed to be a fun 5v5 custom game with my friends, but instead it's a 4v5 with me stuck trying to enter the game. Ever since the new update I've had problems with the game as a whole, and I'm getting sick of it already. Just someone tell me what I can do, cause right now I literally cannot play the game. This isn't the first time this has happened either, happened earlier in the day as well, atleast after 20 mins i managed to connect in. But this time nothing's working It's frankly fucking annoying, and I just want a solution to this shit
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