I'm over Bot Script users

Like a few players that aren't strong at the game, or still trying to find a champ or 5 they can play reasonably well or just don't like to be a scrub when playing in PvP and letting one's teammates down. Well we find ourselves playing in "Player vs AI" until we can go back/start in PvP. Well the problem springing up more and more, is "baddies" or "scrub lords" that are using "Bot Scripts" to level up in this arena. They are too fn lazy to play the game normally, I don't get it, don't people play this game for fun or to actually learn/improve their skills??? So can we get added in that arena a "Offense Selection" of "Bot Script user"? These scrubs are pretty obvious, the champion attaches itself to a friendly and hovers around them auto cycling through abilities. Then when you teleport, they go attach themselves to the next player and "hover" around them. Pity we can't "Name and Shame" these scrub lords. (Against the Eula probably) I have only now been playing roughly 1 month and come across 8 of them....I feel sorry for the long timers at the game... Seriously isn't there something we can actually do? In my last competitive game, there is replays so you can attach to a offense and the players get banned or the account gets deleted. this game doesn't have that feature(mainly due to scrubs levelling accounts then selling them)
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