Riot needs to do something about pervasive racism.

I have S.KOR as my tag, so it's pretty obvious I am Korean. I am by no means always pleasant to play with. I gripe almost every game about something. But I will never resort to racism or hate speech. Every game I get called a %%%% or %%%%%. I know some people are innately racist, so when they are hidden on the internet, they will go full blast. This must stop. Riot, you have done a great job with punishing leavers and AFK. Why is there so little done about racism? Shouldn't there be words that immediately bring up red flags? For example, %%%%%%, %%%%, %%%%%, etc? Or will this dent your profits too much - seeing as so many avid users seem to be racists? I am beginning to compile some screenshots. Sadly, I am averaging a screenshot per game. Riot, you have given us a great game, but you must be accountable for providing a level of appropriateness. I am not suggesting a nanny state, but when hate speech is met with a X-game chat restriction, you are sending the message you do not care much. I am sure, if I compile enough screenshots, an authority could be contacted to show just how widespread hate speech is in your game. And then perhaps a precedent could be established whereby firms are held more accountable for the things their users say on their platforms. I hope this doesn't put me on your radar - but perma-banning me won't work because I'll just make another account and continue compiling evidence.
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