I Don't Understand the Rank Mechanic.

So played 2 games, both in normies, both as the same champ in the same role, against roughly the same tier of opponent 1 after the other, both last around the same amount of time (within 4 minutes) The first game I get a 12 KDA, 66% kill participation (with kills being about 1/5th), around 40% of the damage share, good cs for role and a good vision score, get an S+ Second game, I get a 33 KDA with less deaths, 80% Kill participation (with kills being over 1/4), around 40% damage share, higher cs and vision score, get an A+ second game would have higher DPM (26k for shorter game, 36k for 4 minutes longer) and provided more shielding as team required more. I just don't understand. The only thing I can possibly think of is my CS in game 2 was 53 compared to 21 in game 1, only because the waveclear was needed in a number of 5v2 sieges... which we held off and saved turret. So I'm a support playing lux who wards. Sue me. That really shouldn't come into it, should it?
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