Dynamic Queue Support Matchmaking is terrible - support main view

The new matchmaking system is understandably controversial and Riot are working hard to make it better. As far as I understand is that matchmaking might not always put you with a team that is your own MMR/Rank so that those unpopular roles may be filled if people are having long queue times. As a support main my games have been in flux constantly. Going between games with Gold 3-Plat 5 to Bronze 1-Silver 4. I am personally Gold 3 and worked hard to get to this rank and as a support main I rely heavily on my team. There is a small window for carry potential as a support but other roles will always outshine. How can you even be matched with or against a Bronze or lower when in my case I can't even queue with someone in those ranks. It's actually disgusting. http://imgur.com/a/jUpFy This game is what is wrong with the matchmaking system. As you can see I am ranked with people severely below my rank because these other people had long queue times. While we received a level 30 the system sought to 'balance' the match by putting me in there but I only queue'd as a support and can't carry. This post is merely to show the flaws in the matchmaking system especially for supports and if we have to endure such stompings because the game is unbalanced then we should lose less LP. Most of my other games have been with others of similar MMR and rank and I worked hard to achieve those wins. Because of poor balancing and long queue times I am made to suffer because I main support. Again we should lose less LP especially if I am playing with and against level 30s-Bronze while I sit in Gold 3. Sure if I had attained a role I could carry from (anything other then support) I could take the loss because essentially it is my job to carry. Support is exactly that and support mains shouldn't be forced into playing champions or roles we don't like. Personally I like playing supports like Janna, Soraka and Sona. I feel like I can have a bigger impact as a support playing these champions but alas you need balanced teams. I don't want to be forced into playing AP carry champions as support because it really isn't as fun. http://imgur.com/a/X3Dnv This is the matchmaking I am satisfied with even if I lose. **I climb so that I can be matched against and with better players. What the hell is the point in climbing if I am still being matched with Bronze and Silver? It's a seriously horrible and flawed system. **
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