What are these new items?

I just found them in the items stickers section on the boards, They aren't in the game currently, and to my knowledge they aren't for any current featured game mode. Judging from some of the description they give: "Makes the target Turret invulnerable for 6 seconds. Two seconds before expiry, it unleashes a missile volley dealing 650 true damage over the remaining time to nearby all enemies." "Places a long range ballista at 2200 range of an enemy turret. After 5 seconds delay, it will begin firing at the nearest enemy turret, dealing heavy damage, if the targeted turret expires. The ballista will as well." "Allows team to repeatedly cast flash in a limited zone." I doubt they are being implemented into normal games, so is this some kind of new Siege game mode? (maybe hextech related?) If so, how come the items are on display but we havent heard anything about it? (or maybe we have and I'm just out of the loop?) either way, anyone keen to share some knowledge? {{item:3632}} {{item:3637}} {{item:3643}} {{item:3640}} {{item:3635}} {{item:3647}} {{item:3631}} {{item:3642}} {{item:3630}} {{item:3633}} {{item:3648}} {{item:3634}} {{item:3636}} {{item:3641}}
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