lmfao at that oce skin garbage

so we get pool party ziggs for testing out their pos beta server they had that was filled completely with issues, we wait 2 years being told over and over again that it was on it's way with no actual progression being made during that time and now we're told we have to pay for it despite other release servers getting their region skin for FREE and not having to be part of some bs beta server? Is everyone going to ignore the fact Russia got 3 skins for free? Are people actually that stupid as to believe that because they say they are going to donate the money to charity that everything is suddenly fine? You do realise the only reason they even decided to do that was because they knew they were being stingy pricks charging people for a skin they were making out to be free. I'm fine donating money to charity, but really? Is it actually that hard to see why they did that? Keep it up riot, keep being a joke and making all the mistakes so another company can come in and know what not to do. Now all you stupid retards that want to defend them may as well save your words if you even bothered to read this because i could not care less
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