Lately I have been losing about 85% of games.

So for the past week or so I've been having serious difficulties with people in my games. In norms I rarely ever lose 50% chance of winning. Lately it's been seriously hard to carry games. I'm not sure if I am bad and can't carry this trash or the team is trash. The other night I wanted one win (not ranked).... I had an 8 loss streak before I could claim the First Win Of The Day Bonus. Just now I was just in a game as ww.. It was 12-3 by 12minutes (every lane died every time they were in lane and the jungler had nothing to do with it.) I say nothing and the aatrox who kept feeding riven and the twitch who fed jinx started ganging up on me (basically saying report me and I was so trash and salty and toxic and the worst they've ever seen) and were absolute cunts to me.. I DID NOTHING FUCKING WRONG. NORMALLY I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH NORMS, you know people just play whatever and chill.. I can not win 2 games of blackmarket brawlers.. After 10 games I finally got my first win... THE EVENT IS ALMOST OVER AND I'M STUCK IN UNCARRIABLE TEAMS.. Don't mean to bitch but fuck this... I've had it for over a week.. Just constant wankers
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