Well Played Riot

So I queue up for ranked today and everything goes to absolute hell the instant I get in the lobby. Top is demanding someone picks them Akali or he will troll. Sure enough Akali gets banned by the other team and he decides to lock cleanse ghost janna . Obviously I dodged, this guy is calling himself a D1 smurf and has a 50% WR, locking in a new champion on the first day and trolling.. So this is all normal and fine. You can't report this kind of behaviour so you just have to eat the lp loss and move on.. If only it ended there -.- I queued 20 minutes later and got this human scum again. Surely enough, he does the same thing and I'm forced to dodge at the last second again. I queue 30 minutes later again. Low and behold he is there again, trolling the lobby. Once again I am forced to dodge because this guy seemingly has more fun requeueing after every dodge he forces just to grief and ruin someones day. [](https://imgur.com/q47lou8) Maybe it'll be another ten years before they add some way to punish gutter trash like this who take lobbies hostage.. oh well.. guess I'll go wait out this obnoxiously long queue timer for helping my team not lose lp. Nice game Riot.
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