POP/STARS Beat Saber Challenge - Winners Announce

Hi everyone! Back in December we announced that KD/A’S POP/STARS was coming to Beat Saber, and [challenged you to beat our scores](https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/contests/beat-saber-k/da-x-oce-prizes). Five entrants who beat our scores would be randomly selected to receive the KD/A skin and champion of their choice. Needless to say, it was a humbling experience as we were almost immediately crushed and better scores continued to flow in over the following weeks. Here are the lucky winners and their prize: ShadowKnoight - K/DA Evelynn (Expert Score: 512910) BlueThunder14 - K/DA Akali (Expert Score: 486113) Xshadow - K/DA Akali (Expert+ Score: 579152) Luka - K/DA Akali (Expert+ Score: 732743) BrianGod - K/DA Kai'Sa (Expert Score: 510957) Winners should see the skin (and the champion if they needed it) on their account immediately. Additionally, players who submitted the top 10 Expert+ scores have received a Mystery Icon. We couldn't NOT reward such kickass performances: thank u go next - 804366 Riphtrox - 770462 Luka - 732743 Shinsoo - 680316 XPegasusX - 668812 Rashays - 667911 NepInMyNip - 638550 Ejay - 613633 Axiis - 587901 johno48 - 580755 GGWP all.
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