Do toxic players make the game better or worse?

Recently had a game where someone became mad his team lost, in a random aram game. I thought what he said after was quite humourous, however it can also be taken the wrong way. Player 1: you lost that last fight idiot Player 1: you jumped foraward Player 1: into their team Player 1: you fukn %%%ot Player 2: you did voli lol Player 1: i carried you wfuckwit Player 1: lmao Player 3: evidently not Player 1: xin **** Player 2: clearly lol Player 1: HAHAHAH Player 1: you fukn %%%ot Player 2 left the room. Player 1: i cleaned you all up Player 1: your lucky my team was trash Player 3: if you carried we would have won Player 1: goes to show Player 1: how bad you are Player 1: go report me Player 1: you limp dik %%%ot Player 1: i woudl flog the **** otu of you in real life Player 3: i doubt that Player 1: make you drink my cumm Player 1: going to trace your isp Player 3: do it Player 1: burn your fukn family alive little fukn kid Player 1: make your dad scream when i jam my rod up his *** Player 3: empty threats Player 1: all good Player 1: tracing you now kid Player 1: you are dead Player 3: its a shame 2 year olds are allowed on their computers by their parents Player 1: cya next year %%%ot Player 1 left the room.
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