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**Fair warning, this is going to be long.** Reading through boards, I come to two conclusions regarding the new method of gaining currency. The first is that not receiving BE after every game is dissatisfying, especially if you are close to getting a new something that you want. The second is that players feel you gain less BE than you did IP. I'll start by saying, I don't want to undermine any arguments, but I also feel that many of the discussions here have been derailed by emotion and bias, and I *hope* to start a conversation where we can avoid that at least for a little while. I will say that I feel quite positively about the new system (not completely, don't get me wrong), and to those of you who feel very strongly one way or the other, I challenge you to display your arguments and prove your points constructively, so we're all better off for it. ___ #BE Gains The first thing I will say is that in both Riot communication and my own experience, you earn *MORE* BE per game in the new system than you did IP in the old. As someone who plays 1-2 games a day on work days and 4-5 on non, with the addition of the first win bonus I got 930 BE for 5-6 games. In the old system, assuming 50% winrate I would have only got 600-700~ IP. To save a lot of math I'll also point to [this post]( and [this comment]( from Riot Mortdog. It's also worth noting that we now have an extra source of income for buying champions, since being tied to BE now means we can buy champs with the currency we earn from Hextech Chests which never used to be the case. ___ #EXP : Game Time There is one factor which I think isn't adequately accounted for or discussed in the averages we are given, since it might disproportionately affect certain player groups. I cannot speak to the experience since it isn't my own, but it's something I believe may be cause for concern. Namely, the EXP to game time relationship. For most players this is an overwhelming improvement, because you don't lose out on nearly as much currency for losing a game as you did in the old system. However, lower ranked games and games under new (high impact) patches tend to be shorter because they snowball much more easily. So what then of the people in lower ranks who can only commit to one or two games a day? They're going to be losing out on a lot of EXP over other players. Whether or not this results in them getting less currently overall I am not at all sure, but it's something that I think needs addressing if it turns out to be the case. ___ #Pay to Win? Another complaint I am seeing a lot is that these changes make League pay to win, but owning every champion doesn't give you an advantage, because a jack of all trades is a master of none. If anything I would argue it is the opposite, because now you don't have to spend currency on Runes, which were expensive and *necessary* if you wanted to play at higher levels of skill, you can dedicate all that currency to buying a new champion instead. Not having to pay for a necessary pre-game feature and shifting all that currency you aren't spending (instead of just removing it) into accessibility and variety seems like a wholly good thing to me. ___ #New Player Experience The new player experience hasn't gained as much from this since they weren't buying runes anyway, but it may have if certain rumours about the shards they receive are true. Assuming new players are getting a low BE shard like Ashe or Garen *as well as* another *random* shard to get them BE then I don't see any problem, it gives them a choice, but if they are consistently getting only low cost champion shards (even if the BE itself still adds up to the same) then I think it does put some new players at a disadvantage. Sure champs like Ashe and Garen are simple, but the first champion I really put time into was *Nami* who was and still is 6300. Having no chance at a higher tier shard for a champ you really want to play could well be pretty frustrating BUT I do not know how the new system functions for new players, so all of that is a really big **IF**. ___ #Player Satisfaction From what I can tell, the biggest issue people are having is satisfaction. It was very satisfying for many players to see their IP go up and know they are that much closer to x champion. I can also see how being 100-200 BE away from x champion and having to play enough to actually level instead of just a few games is a frustrating experience. These I feel are very valid points. My counter would be that levelling, especially at milestones, feels like a bigger achievement since there is a bigger reward, and that having a visual display of progress in post game rather than just a +number feels a lot nicer. That said, I do believe there is merit to not completely removing the post game gains. Ideally the game itself would be the reward, but if it's a bad game then getting only EXP which doesn't result in anything tangible (relatively speaking, a number means less than a new character to play) is a not so great experience. I believe some kind of hybrid would be the way to go. Having a big reward upon level is a great system in my eyes, it feels like an accomplishment, and attaches more sentiment to the now uncapped levelling, but some small progress after each game would also be appreciated. Not enough to undermine the level rewards or completely flood people with BE, but enough so that people who are only 100-200 BE off a new champ won't have progress a whole level just to get there. ___ #Mastery This is the biggest problem I have with the new system. For a player like me, who owns all the champions I want and therefore has an excess of currency it doesn't pose a problem, but for player who still want to buy champions they have a big choice to make. Ultimately, it's a cosmetic choice, you don't get any sort of advantage, you aren't really getting anything new, it's just style points really, but I feel and always have felt that the restriction on mastery tiers should be in the tokens and not in the essence. I don't feel that having to choose between showing pride in your skill on a particular champion, and having the chance to play something new is a nice choice at all. If I could change any one thing in the new system it would be putting the essence cost of mastery upgrades back to what they were, even if it was at the cost of having to earn an extra token for each rank. ___ #Other Changes I doesn't seem like anyone really dislikes the new rune system. I think most people agree that it is an overwhelming improvement, and personally I feel changing things up in select will be a lot smoother and feel a lot better in the new system (once we learn what everything is and does). So really I just want to say thanks to the guys at Riot who put so much effort into the new runes because it shows and I think it's a great direction for the game (and especially the art teams because wow guys). I do think base MR or MR items need minor buffs, but that's the kind of thing that will adjust with time over preseason. ___ #So, thoughts?
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