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So _Lux_ and _Ezreal_ are getting new skins... again. _(one being legendary no less)_ And Taliyah has yet to receive her first non-release skin _(team skins don't count, you said so yourself Riot)_. Seems legit. I can respect your view on _"We give skins to champions who suit them, rather than force skins to fit champ who need them."_ Personally I think thats a great motto, it means we get skins that fit the champs, and ultimately increase the experience of playing that champion. But don't try and tell me that Jayce/Kat/Graves suit a battle-magical school theme more than a literal magic 16 year old girl? I have nothing against their skins of course, but I find it hard to connect the dots as to why it suits them and but not Taliyah. Please explain that reasoning to me. I would very much like to have that discussion with the skin team _(so if they have time, please send someone down here)_. Also Lux and Ezreal are such blank canvas champs _(no offence to any mains out there)_, that of course they are going to fit almost any skin line you put on them. And thats not going to change, so they will just keep accruing more and more skins. While champs with more interesting and specific designs, who because of that don't fit such a wide variety of skin lines, will forever be by the wayside. So where do we draw the line here?
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