Should Riot ban the surrender option?

Like most summoners who enjoy participating in the slaying of fictional lives on the rift i too thoroughly enjoy a challenging game of angles, precision and direct "out-plays" of my opponents. However, a rising issue that has developed over the later seasons of League of Legends, along with the out of control toxicity of many summoners, has undoubtedly seen the beginning of much frustration. Yes, i am talking about the "surrender" option. **Draft and Blind Que** When a certain team works well together in displaying signs of strength through good communicative skills, cohesion and alignment this can become a very frustrating time for the opposition. For example, lets say that we have a team player {{champion:58}} versing a {{champion:85}} in the top lane and {{champion:58}} is finding it quite difficult to lane and cs (because {{champion:85}} is an electrical version of teemo). Anyhoo, {{champion:58}} signals for his Jungler, who just happens to be {{champion:11}}, to camp top. During this phase of the game {{champion:85}} is quite unaware that {{champion:11}} is camping top and therefore {{champion:85}} decides to keep on bullying {{champion:58}} out of lane. From this point {{champion:85}} believes he is on top of the world because he has pushed {{champion:58}} out of the lane and forced him to recall. However, {{champion:58}} has moved off the map and allowed {{champion:11}} to flank and create a kill against {{champion:85}}. As the game progresses {{champion:11}} remains to loiter around top lane to assist the struggling {{champion:58}} and after 20 mins the duo ({{champion:11}} and {{champion:58}}) have piled a total of 5 kills between them and 5 deaths for {{champion:85}}. After an exchange of toxic words through the team chat portal, {{champion:85}} s team decides to forfeit as they have snowballed too much. THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING THIS IN THE WORLD OMG {{champion:17}} No seriously this may be my OCD talking but, a game where you have completed out-witted your opponent and caused them to have no other option other than to surrender is the worst thing in League of Legends at the moment. Summoners who cannot deal with the laning phase and being out-played need to learn how to counteract this!!!! (build armour, ask their jg to hang around top lane etc.). However, when things get tough for the opposing team all they want to do is surrender at because they don't have the initiative to fight back and create good game plays to hopefully establish a come back. I personally believe that by removing the surrender option this would enhance the gameplay for many summoners as they would have to establish a way to counteract the strong opposing laner, create a more clam atmosphere and give teams a value to fight for when on the rift. Thank you
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