Why am I taking 'Unknown' damage?

This makes me uneasy. Very uneasy. The death recap's whole purpose is to tell me where the damage comes from. If it doesn't know where it came from... quite frankly I want a refund. I want that health back! What is this damage, and why is it unknown? Also, why is Lee Sin's new voice over not included in the patch notes? I understand it'll be awkward for you to explain, but it should still be in the patch notes. _____________________________________________ **[EDIT]:** My apologies. So it appears, I may have posed criticism of the death recap prematurely... https://imgur.com/4jffdez Let's start again. Please direct your attention to the 2nd image provided. The recap clearly shows, I was killed by Xin _(who was, in actual-fact, on my team)_. He accomplished this feat by using Aatrox's Q. Said Q did 801 magic damage. _(which I find interesting, seeming Aatrox's Q does physical damage)_. This impressive Xin then managed to get an assist on his own kill. Yet managed to keep a score of 0/0/3. Then we come to Morgana, who damaged me only with her runes.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} It has a spicy new look, but to be honest.. I don't really see a lot of difference from the old death recap?
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