Hide and Seek???? Make a mode for it or something

Im one of those people who miss Hide and Seek, i think it was a great deal of fun and honestly think it would be played if advertised or shown, I understand that removal of Crystal Scar (other than for Acension) was due to the cost of another map and mode to run. I think even using Summoners Rift would be fine if there were options to modify the conditions, for example remove turrets and minions and introduce Passive EXP (Maybe make Fountain or even base area enterable by Team only might work) I think the option to modify the map for customs would be good for other game modes and might introduce new ways to play and practice as champions. In addition this seems like it wouldnt be too hard to introduce to league of legends. Im Just curious for peoples thoughts and who knows with any luck Riot might consider it or maybe they already are. {{champion:90}} _(Sincerely Davorin Kain- Malzahar Main)_
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