Hi, I’m just an ordinary girl that loves league as much as any of you reading my thread. But, :( Recently my account was banned for using 3rd party programs (scripting I suppose), I swear to God I never scripted, the only program that I use when I’m playing league is Discord and QQ (a Chinese app I use for chat), I don’t know why that would count as malicious. The most recent games before the ban was just some normal games I played in an Internet Café. And I was just playing like any other day for the past 2 years since I started... This is the only account I have, it’s become a part in my life now, this account was with me since the very beginning, I would never script on this account even if I do know how to script (but seriously, i am legit bad at computers, there’s no way I’d know how to script). Ask anyone on my friend list and they will confirm that I am telling the truth. I have spent more than 700AUD on this account, it’s not a lot but I don’t want it just gone just like that. I never had a ban before (such as being toxic or being AFK) as I was trying very hard to be a responsible summoner and trying very hard to not get banned... I have submitted tickets to Riot, but they don’t even reply now as they think I am just lying. Can someone please help me? Why did I get banned? I want to play league again ASAP but I’m afraid to start a new account... :(
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