These anivia nerfs.

Anivia Flash Frost (Q) - now only slows those stunned by Flash Frost instead of those damage by Flash Frost. Crystallize (W) cooldown lowered to 17 from 25 Frostbite (E) the double damage effect changed to [if target was recently stunned by Anivia or damaged by fully formed R] from [Slowed by Q or R] Glacial Storm (R) - now ramps up to full size in half the time, damage and such adjusted accordingly. Time to fully form lowered to 1.5 seconds from 3 seconds. Base damage changed to 40/60/80 (+12.5% AP) from 80/120/160 (+25% AP) The fully formed storm now deals 300% damage and slow by 30/45/60%" instead of "Damages,Slows, and Chills by an additional 50% at full size" [Damage & slow amounts ends up being the same as live when fully formed.] these changes better not make it in because: 1. yasuo is a broken pile of air 2. jinx still shreds health. 3. anivia had her E damage smited. 4. irelia is still tanky and has high damage output. i could go up until 20. but dont really feel like doing so because
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