Thinking About Quitting League (80% Yes - 20% No) What can I do to make league fun again?

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It's a bit of me whining but my win/loss became negative in rank, i got it back to 50% then straight after that go on another losing spree this was over a span of 50 rank games. I'm in Gold 5 - 0 points. Which is honestly pretty pathetic, whenever I play, due to my win/loss my mmr puts me with most of the time s4-s1 and i can feel the massive skill gap, the csing, the dodging, the amount of warding, barely anyone creates a comp to win a match etc. I also don't have a rank partner, the people I would duo with are now either higher tier than me or quit. Rank is just now a hassle I don't feel the drive to play and rank up, it's become not boring but exhausting, play a 50 min game only just to lose. Play a 20 min game with people arguing with each other. Normals have become games where you have to try hard all the time, the fun is sapped from it as the match making puts you against higher tier players half the time and you just end up being dominated. Toxics are both in rank and non rank. There is just no fun. URF itself is a try hard mode. ARAM I suppose is the only game mode that I think fondly of. What can I do to make league fun again?

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