Camille and her Title

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. DON'T BE SALTIER THAN THE BEARDED LADY'S ARMPITS. Okay. Camille feels like an assassin. Even her name says it, Steel's Shadow. Seriously though, does every assassin have to be named after shadows? {{champion:238}} is literally a shadow, so "Master of Shadows" makes sense. {{champion:84}} 's title is "Fist of Shadow." She has a shroud... I guess that's okay? she doesn't even really use her fists to fight though. (Can't Akali's title just be, the Twilight's Fists/Blade since her feel is about balance anyway). {{champion:91}} 's title is "The Blade's Shadow." I guess that also makes sense since he turns invis with his ult...? But doesn't it sound extremely similar Camille's title. "The Blade's Shadow" "The Steel Shadow". Zed's title, "The Master of Shadows" would sort of make him look like he's the master of all these shadow rip offs. I get that Camille works in the shadows and she's made of steel, but really... titles give feel to a character and repetition in titles sort of make them feel less special. I mean look at {{champion:40}} 's title. What in heaven's name made you think she's furious and called her "The Storm's Fury." She's a support for phreak's sake. What I would say is a wonderful example of a champion's title is {{champion:133}} 's "Demacia's Wings" or {{champion:245}} 's "The Boy Who Shattered Time." I'm not saying Camille's title isn't good. It really shows her working in the shadows and her being made mostly of steel, but maybe change it to something that fits her more. Maybe I'm just really tired of seeing "Shadows" everywhere. Maybe it just annoys me how so many league titles don't match their champion's theme or lore. "Camille, the Cog of Equilibrium" "Camille, the Steel Justice" "Camille, Piltover's Blades" "Camille, the Cog's Blades" "Camille, the Steel Stabilizer" You know, cuz she keeps the delicate balance in Piltover. That's what she is. A hidden cog that keeps the delicate balance of the machine.
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